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Life lessons, I'm still learning.

November 7, 2018


            Over the past week the weather has been cold and grey with non-stop rain. Although it does give me time to sit inside and work on my book, it also gives me a bit too much time to think of things, I really don’t need cluttering up my mind. So rather than just have these thought rattling around up there, I thought I'd  take a few minutes to write & share some very real, and unfiltered thoughts with you.


            I hope you can enjoy taking a moment to read and laugh to yourself, because life shouldn’t be taken this seriously. We all need to learn how to smile, and move on with our lives, rather than dwell on the little things we can’t change.



Life does not get easier with age, you just get used to it

            I know you’ve all heard it before, the wonderful phrase our friends and family like to say, while we sit there enveloped in uncontrollable emotions and breakdowns “Its going to be okay, the older you get the easier it is” –I’m sure you read that in the voice of someone you know, or at least; while reading it, had them in mind.  But here’s the actual truth, age doesn’t help ANYTHING the only thing you’ll come to realize, is that the older you get, the vast majority of things that used to bother you, don’t. Not because of wisdom, or self confidence, It’s because your drowning in problems everywhere else, so anything less than a “final Notice” or “EVICTION” letter can chuck itself straight into the “ill deal with it later pile”.




How do you know when you’ve met “the one”?

            You don’t, you’ll never “really” know if you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. right, but one day you’ll wake up, turn over and realize the person beside you is the only person you want to spend everyday with, for the rest of your life. Love is also work, its not going to be happy, glitter and fairies every day. Some days you’ll argue, and some days you wont, think of these things like family, can you tell me you’ve never had a disagreement with a family member?  At the end of the day you’ll always love family regardless of how much you want to hit them with a frying pan…. Same rule applies with your significant other.    * Sorry Max, although in my defence, I did say, “want to hit them” not that I will *




“Having your life together” – What it really means.

            Bullsh*t, No one and I mean NO ONE actually has their life together, think about it. What does that even mean? In my mind it sounds like someone without any problems and I mean absolutely none! Can you think of anyone who doesn’t have ANY problems? Because I have a ton of people who come to mind, but then you come to realize that these people are as f*cking lost as you are! They have debt, sometimes more than you could even imagine, they might not be happy in life or maybe they feel alone in the world. So next time you see someone and think, “I wish I could get my life together like him/ her” Keep in mind what you see on the outside or posted online, doesn’t mean a thing. You can “hash tag” anything you want on selfies; also, seriously come on, you do realize that Photoshop exists. So always remember bringing yourself down by comparing your life to what you see on the outside of someone else’s, does nothing but waste your own time! So smile, look forward, and be a good person.




I hate my job, how am I supposed to do this for the rest of my life 40 hours a week?

            The answer can be summed up with six simple words – “ Suck it up, You’re not alone” – I hate my job too, my soul dies a little every day I wake up and think of that place, but like all other adults, I have bills to pay. A few words of advice though – NOTHING IS PERMANENT, don’t fill your brain with the idea that you’ll be there forever, someday you’ll get out of there, it might not be today, or even a year from now, but IT WILL END, I promise.




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