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October 31, 2018



          Cool air, colourful leaves and tiny snowflakes, fall is here and Mother Nature is getting ready to send the freezing temperatures and snowstorms our way. Without the horrifying temperatures, and unbearable amounts of snow, it just wouldn’t be winter in Canada.


          Not even half way threw October this year and the rush had already begun, time to buy snow tires, change the windshield wipers and get some Winter proof washer fluid into the cars. The freezing temperatures over-night and sudden freezing rain/first snow had already arrived.


          This year, my husband and I had the chance to spend the first week of October in Cuba…. Oh Cuba, with your warm weather, refreshing ocean and humid evenings… I miss you already! Even more so once we stepped off the plane, and back into our cold Canadian weather! After spending a little over a week without driving I was almost too happy and slightly nervous, to get behind the wheel again, but driving standard is like riding a bike, it takes you two seconds to go from uncomfortable to a pro!


          Much like anyone and everyone on vacation getting back to work, might actually be the most depressing thing…. Ever……… But that’s a whole other story (Call center problems) – After less than a week of being home, I finished my usual shift of work (at 9pm because my job sucks) and began the freezing cold walk to my car, parked at what seems like the other end of the world, but is probably less than a 7 minute walk away. Of Corse, mid-October and the sidewalks were just glistening with a perfect layer of ice, the freezing rain has returned for another lengthy battle of wits – Sherbrooke hills verses Bad drivers forgetting they are still on summer tires….. Spoiler alert; weathers wins, suck it up put on some good tires and slow down!  I drove home following a snowplough covering the streets in sand and Salt to melt the ice and give cars a better grip; You can imagine how thrilled I was to be back in this horrible weather.


          But with all the bad, does come some good. Being used to this weather really made our vacation extra special, we took the time to enjoy not just the new experience but the simple things such as, warm weather, sunshine, and all the happy vibes from the locals we met.


          Being a foodie, I couldn’t help but spend most of my time there thinking about the foods we ate, and were later on going to eat. Looking at the differences and similarities between traditional meals from Canada and Cuba. Although this meant an entire week without working on my blog or even my book (which I’ll be updating you all on shortly) It did give me loads of time to think and find even more inspiration to share with all of you! There were so many foods we ate while on vacation that when you order them, you’re expecting one thing, and what shows up is entirely different, yet still amazingly delicious!


          For example, creamy mushroom risotto with Black truffles, you’d expect a bowl of creamy Arborio rice, right? Well, what showed up instead was a “potato risotto” with the most amazing roasted garlic and black truffle mix. It was creamy and salty but sweet with the bold flavours of the black truffles, amazing it was just so delicious! This recipe is probably going to be one of the first ones I try to replicate and share on the blog just because it was so amazing I think everyone should have the change to try it at least once!


          “So, what’s the point of this post?” Well mainly it was a quick way to catch you up on why I have been obscenely slow at getting new posts and recipes up for you, also it’s a little bit of a preview for what’s to come. There are so many Cuban inspired foods and flavours I want to share with you, so be ready for loads of big bold flavours with some creative twists on foods I knows you’ll all enjoy!


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Once of the delicious appetizers, Balsamic glazed, Shredded Root Vegetable and corn salad.






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