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Natural Skin Care - Facial Oil

October 31, 2018




          Over the past four years I’ve tried so many different creams, but I’ve never even looked into facial oils, I always assumed since I have combination skin with an oily T zone that is somehow simultaneously dry, that oils would just create and even bigger problem to deal with.


          While looking for a good hydrating cream to bring on our upcoming Cuba vacation, I passed by a new section of Natural oils. Much like anything else that catches my eye, the headline on the product was “organic”. Unlike other products, nowhere on the bottle did it mention being cruelty free or vegan, which to me was strange, most of the time if a product is certified vegan, it would be clearly written on the packaging and companies use this stamp as a way to reel people into buying their product.


          While standing in the store, I did a little Google search, and to my surprise this product was certified cruelty free, preservative free and vegan. I was so amazed that this company doesn’t feel the need to advertise and try to use that stamp as a sales pitch….. When I see a company with a simple label that you actually need to Google in order to find out more about how amazing their products truly are, it almost ALWAYS means that this product works exactly as described and once you try it out, that’s all the convincing you’ll need to keep buying more.


          And that is exactly what happened, I absolutely love this daily facial care oil!


          The oil absorbs quickly into the skin, it doesn’t leave any oily residue on the face, and it even helped to REDUCE the amount of oil produced during my long days at work! I couldn’t believe it! Facial oil, helped reduce my natural production of oil, that’s new!


          I found this product along with a large selection of other facial and body oils in our downtown Wal-Mart!  This bottle cost 15$ CAN, however the amount needed is so minimal, I don’t think I’ll need to buy another one for a VERY long time! 


          The link to this product and more is below, take the time to look around the site and discover all of the amazing products this company has to offer!


This post was NOT sponsered in any way, all opinions expressed in this post are my own and this product was purchased with my own money.


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