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Why buy Local?

          Knowing what fruits and veggies are in abundance in which season can be a lot more useful than you might think! I know you’ve heard it all before but buying local is always better! Every single dollar that you exchange for fresh produce stay within the community when buying local! 


          Very often, local farmers will offer a wide variety of organic/ pesticide free fresh produce. We all love the flavour of fresh fruit and vegetables, so why do we settle for store bought imported when local is a cheaper possibility? Usually the produce we buy locally has been picked, and most likely consumed, within 24-48 hours of being picked, thus the freshness. However, when we buy from a store, the produce has been stored for days, or even weeks, before we consume them. This means that our food now has a significantly lower nutrient value.


          So we’ve talked about how buying local benefits the community, as well as our nutrient value and taste. But what about the benefits it does to our health and wellbeing in general? Buying local means seasonal produce, buying seasonal keeps us in touch with our surroundings; and, with our planet just a little bit more. It allows us to consume a variety of different vitamins and minerals, from each type of fruit and vegetable being cultivated at the time, inspiring new and creative ways of cooking and using our food.


          Our earth… Yes our earth I had to repeat it in case anyone forgot. It seems everyone tends to forget these days that our planet; our environment, is shared. Just because your sister/brother/friends or parents are careful to properly compost and recycle, doesn’t mean anyone can slack off or not bother with doing their part, the earth is shared, our air is shared, we have to work together to keep it clean for ourselves and our future. Buying local promotes keeping our planet green and healthy, more local = less importation leading to cleaner air and less overall chemicals and pesticides.

            For more information on the benefits of buying local, please visit the website below and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

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