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I created this website in 2016 while I was still an International languages and communication student. Now I am a full time Certified Optical Assistant working along side of a team and company filled with amazing people. While pursuing my passion of health and fitness with others, it inspired me to work towards my certification in Sports nutrition and personal training. At the moment I’m beginning my sports nutrition training then moving on into the wonderful world of personal training. All of these courses and licences will help allow me to better assist anyone with questions or concerns in regards to changing their own life for the better as well! <3

My story, Who am I & Why am I vegan?

        Hi! My name is Kira, and this is my story. I’m a 21-year-old international Languages student with no idea where I’m going in life. As my 2016 new years resolution I decided to start a blog, where I could share my vegan adventures with the world! I’ve encountered endless positive changes in life since going vegan, and my goal is to share and inspire others to do the same and enjoy everyday to the fullest!


        From the age 12 I struggled with my weight, Self-confidence was a never-ending battle. Every morning, I looked in the mirror and all I could see was a sad, ugly little girl; staring blankly back at me. Society and media spread this image of unattainable beauty that I knew I could never reach. I struggled with this through all of my high school years, Skipping lunch to run 75 minutes on the treadmill then controlling the amount I’d eat for supper in hopes of keeping my calories below 800 a day (even when I was running). Even though I would lose weight it was never enough, it got to a point in which I wouldn’t eat every second day, I still refuse calling it anorexia, since I never reached an “underweight” BMI.


        Once I graduated high school I guess something must of clicked in my mind; or, my body just couldn’t stand being starved anymore. I began to eat, and eat and eat and eat; I went from graduating high school at 135 pounds to a whopping 171 pounds in less than two years.


        Around the time I turned 17 I started to feel faint, weak and overall just unhealthy, eventually I decided to see a doctor. I quickly found out that I was hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar), high cholesterol (at 17!!! What the heck!) along with shortness of breath (asthma). Instantly I began to make small changes my diet but, went back and fourth with over and under eating causing my body to store fat and remain between 165-170.


        In the spring of 2014 I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with a crippling pain in my lower abdomen. I was instantly diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) long story short its an accumulation of cysts on both of my ovaries, and every now and then they like to haemorrhage, and I would have to be rushed to the hospital to stop the bleeding or it could lead to more dangerous consequences. The pain from this was continuous, and I found myself on a daily routine of morphine. My body retaliated to the medications by sending my liver into mini spasms, During a routine check up with my doctor several months after my first few cysts haemorrhaged, they found a small tumour on my left ovary. At 19 years old I was told I had a tumour, I wasn’t sure what to do with the news, so I ignored the truth as they continued their tests, taking blood and tissue samples. A few weeks later when the doctors began to talk about medications and pills to “poison” my body in hopes of stopping the tumours growth, I was left alone waiting on the doctor with her resident in the room sitting with me. I’ll never forget this moment because the young lady who was still 3 years away from being a “real” doctor said in a low and calm voice….


“Have you ever thought to cut out the dairy products, it has a direct link to the formation of cysts in the female reproductive system and elevates the chances of ovarian cancer”

        At first I wasn’t sure what to say, you’re not my doctor, but you are the only person offering a type of solution that doesn’t involve poisoning myself along with tests every three days for months. I smiled unsure how to respond, and wait silently for the doctor to come back she explained their treatment plan and told me I could get back to her within a few days with my decision. As soon as I got home I decided that’s it I was going vegetarian, and already within a few days the pain went down ever so slightly. I called the doctor to tell her I did not want to start treatment at the time, I was seeing results VERY slow but still results with just cutting out dairy. A few weeks later I had another cyst haemorrhage, but the pain was nothing compared to what it used to be. Once I was all fixed up and sent back home I thought, “Okay, vegetarian was working let’s try vegan”.

        Within six months of going vegan not only had all the pain magically disappeared, but my test results on the most recent blood and tissue samples from the affected area, they were clear, the mass itself was still present, but no longer a danger or growing!

        So, when people ask me “ But isn’t it hard to be vegan, or to just go vegan over night” I will always answer the same thing

“Going vegan is not the hard part, what’s hard is realising that it took you so long to understand that all the little problems in your own life, in regards to both mental and physical health, could have all been solved by something as simple as making conscious decisions to eat real food, move your body on a regular basis and to get enough sleep.”


        So no, going vegan is not hard. Once you go vegan there will not be any doubt or questions left once you see the difference for yourself. My health has never been so great, and now despite everything I’m literally in “optimum” for everything in all of my blood tests. I’m healthy, happy and couldn’t ask for more! So what are you waiting for? If you want to be happy and healthy why not jump into the lifestyle with me? What will you lose by jumping in, other than a few extra pounds I mean? :)




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